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26th September 2013

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annarchive - MS-DOS SHAREWARE 1983-1993 →

I submitted a huge chunk of my shareware corpus to the annarchive, if the idea of downloading ~1000 DOS shareware games is something that appeals to you.

6th February 2013

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Love’s Fiery Imbroglio (1989), Pinnacle Software


(This game was written by Pinnacle Software proprietor Timothy Campbell under the pseudonym Natasha Mirage.)

5th February 2013

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Madam Fifi’s Whorehouse II - The Next Day! (1989), DavisWARE

[IFDB, Solution]

(Appears to be a fan-sequel to Madame Fifi’s Whorehouse Adventure, a widely ported and distributed BASIC IF game of murky origin.)

4th February 2013

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Ballgame 2 (1992), The Toxic Dream

[MyAbandonware, YouTube, Mobygames]

3rd February 2013

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Off Road (1988), MontSoft

[, Mobygames]

2nd February 2013

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Shape Shifter (1992), J. Kintz


1st February 2013


Blort! (1987), HennSoft


31st January 2013

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The Adventures of Melvin Freebush (1993), Sherwood Forest Software

[Mobygames, MyAbandonware]

(Made with Gamebuilder.)

30th January 2013

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GameBuilder Lite, MVP Software


(Quite possibly the most confusing, least powerful game creation system ever released on any platform.)

29th January 2013

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Space Adventure (1988), FireBall Software