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4th August 2014

Photoset with 1 note

Star Trek Classic (198?), Joe Jaworski

[YouTube, Apple IIGS Explorer]

3rd August 2014

Photoset with 108 notes

Where In Hell Is Carmen Santiago (1990), St. John M. Morrison


2nd August 2014

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Moon Striker (1992), Yarko Thomas

[, Author’s description (search MOONSTRK.SHK)]

(The archive was corrupted and no instructions were available.

My mouse is constrained to the bottom, largest grid. After a timer ticks down, a box appears in one of the cells briefly, then all of the grids are repopulated.  The box seems to appear near my mouse, but rarely where it is actually pointing.  Sometimes the box is white, sometimes black.  Holding down the mouse button seems to cause the game to pause until I release it once the timer runs out.

I do not have the slightest grasp as to how I am meant to interact with it or what the rules are. What makes lives go down?  How do the smaller grids relate to the larger grid?  Why does the box appear where it does?  Speculation welcome.)

1st August 2014

Photoset with 7 notes

Super Mario Bros GS (1999), Lucas Scharenbroich

31st July 2014

Photoset with 3 notes

Plumb Crazy (1994), Terry Burdett

30th July 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

As The Link Turns (1989), Rogue Systems

[What Is The IIGS, jsmess]

(That “about” screen: Yiiiiiiikes.) 

29th July 2014

Photoset with 1 note

PowerPlay (1993), Peter Brinkley


28th July 2014

Photoset with 6 notes

Cosmocade (1990), Pangea Software

[What Is The IIGS, jsmess]

27th July 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

Operation Lambda (1996), Bret Victor

[Bret’s IIgs software, press release]

26th July 2014

Photoset with 4 notes

Epic MegaGames Catalog, Winter 1994 (3/3)